Option for search to filter by characters instead of words

If my note includes the word icecream, I will have to key in the entire word icecream in the search box in order to find the note. I wonder if it's possible to allow me to type in ice or cream to find the note. Thanks.


Switch to basic search One drawback of Full Text Search is that it ignores most non-alphabetical characters. However in some cases you might want to search for this too. To do that, you can use basic search. You switch to this mode by prefixing your search with a slash /. This won't provide the benefits of FTS but it will allow searching exactly for what you need. Note that it can also be much slower, even extremely slow, depending on your query.

Try to search with asterisks like this:


More from that kind of stuff:
From https://joplinapp.org/help/#supported-queries

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