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Default wildcard search (no asterisk required)


Especially on mobile getting to the asterisk requires 2 extra key presses so it would speed up searching to just be able to type “sni” instead of “sni*” to find say, “snickerdoodle”

Also I’m a new Joplin user and absolutely loving it, thanks 10.7mil!


But what if someone wants to search for eg just the word “red”, and then they get many unrelated notes with words that start with “red”? Providing relevant results is tricky so that’s why currently the app lets the user specify the query precisely instead of making too many assumptions.


I thought about that too: some apps solve this by creating 2 additional headers in the search list (usually smaller text and greyed out):

----------- exact ------------
result 1
result 2
result 3
result 4
----------- partial ------------
result 1
result 2
result 3

The question is, if this is a behavior users want or not. I don’t know how complicated it would be to make this optional (a setting).
For me personally it doesn’t matter. I can search either way. As long as the search patterns are well defined (which they are) all is good for me. But I know that a lot of people see this differently.