Opening attachments on iPad

Below might just be a newbie question but I am completely new to Apple products.

For work related purposes I bought myself an iPad and installed Joplin version 10.5.1 on iPadOS version 14.3.
I sync Joplin through my nextcloud server with Joplin version 1.5.14 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Android phone (but thats nor relevant here).
I have added a lot of Open Document Format files and some pdf's in Joplin.
When I am opening an attachment I see some difference between my iPad and Ubuntu.
I have tried this for 3 types of file extensions (PDF, XLS and ODS) but it might also apply to other file types.

XLS, PDF or ODS attachments are all opened in external application and not saved locally (different location then Joplin uses)

When I am opening a XLS/pdf file I get some kind of apple preview file screen ( I think this is quick look) and the file is shown (as in Ubuntu). The file can not be changed but thats not a problem.
When I am opening a ODS file it will not show immediately (it shows filename and file type, fe open document spreadsheet). To view the file I need to open it 'externally' with the icon in the top right corner. But then the file is also saved locally which I dont want.

Is there any solution for this? I presume its Apple related anyway.

Please scroll down the list of latest posts and read a post called "attachments - in and out", just a few days old.

Thanks for your reply, but I dont get what you want to say with your comment here. There is no solution mentioned in your posts, its just a bit of testing like I did, but with a different setup. Next to that I dont agree with your 'expected behaviour', but lets not get into that discussion. My goal is to easily see all attachments, with different filetypes and I am looking for a solution.

Nothing complicated, first I thought you might be interested to see that the subject has been looked into. Second when you say, all I want is "see all of them" then this other thread shows you that "see" is not very clearly defined, neither is your initial request (IMHO). It can mean many things. As far as I can tell, your request is mostly aligned with column C in the table. So it would be helpful if you could explain your question a little more, and add it to the existing thread. That's what I had in mind.

When it comes to "solutions" ... a forum like this can only provide "personal solutions" in very few simple cases. In most cases it provides at best a line into ideas and suggestions, which later may generate "your solution" if you're lucky, or not.

This is exactly what I was afraid of that would happen after my comment. I dont want go into a discussion about my question.
But now we are getting somewhere, if you think I need to define my questions more clearly then just ask. Please do, I would like to solve my issue, so any help is appreciated as long as it leeds to a solution. Thats the help I need, I dont need to be pointed towards another thread, it looks similar but in my opinion they are different usecases. Thats why I started a new thread. If I understand correctly column C is about seeing the attachment in Joplin. I have no desire for that at all, all I want is open an attachment outside Joplin and preferably immediately (quick look) and not with the extra steps I mentioned in my first post. Because in that case the ODS file is also saved in another folder on my iPad.

Any help is appreciated, it might be a final solution or something I could try (f.e. different setting in Joplin or my iPad) but so far I have not seen any unfortunately.

At this moment my conclusion is that it is Apple related, on my iPad only certain file extensions are shown in that quick look screen.

Correct me if I am wrong: in your first post you say "I get a preview, but the attachment cannot be changed, but that's ok". (I assume this would be ok too for ODS files). In your third post you say "column C is about seeing the attachment in Joplin. I have no desire for that at all, all I want is open an attachment outside Joplin." In your first post (again) you say later "But then the file is also saved locally which I don't want."
I interpreted preview = seeing, not to be stored = not retrieve (regardless of what you do next with the file). The way I see it, there are no cases which the matrix doesn't cover, as long as you interpret "binary" as anything that's not text and not binary.

Please help you and me to make sense of this. And understand you want a solution without discussing it (post 3 again). But let's keep the following answers as short as possible ... if you are still interested.

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