OneDrive sync with iOS


I have a Problem with syncing mit iPhone over Onedrive. I am still Joplin beginner

Joplin 12.12.3
iOS 17.0.3

My Windows 11 PC is working fine with Onedrive. I can see the folder APPS\Joplin

When I am trying to login to Onedrive at the sync Configuration Process, I am getting the Error (Wechseln von hier nach dort ist nicht möglich) - something like "changing from here to there is not possible". I should try it with EDGE.

EDGE (as default Browser) and OneDrive are installed.

Anyone has an idea?

Best, Andy

I am not a Onedrive user myself, but I have recently tried to configure direct webdav access to Onedrive for a friend. First it worked, a few days later it stopped working, and I couldn't fix it no more. My feeling is that Microsoft constantly increases the hurdles (meaning security) to access onedrive, ultimately forcing users to stick with the Onedrive app.
This might be the explanation for your problems.
May be ... consider another (free) cloud for Joplin, and keep using Onedrive for all the rest.

Is it OneDrive for Business you're syncing to? There are reports on this forum that there might be issues due to a different API (differing from OneDrive Personal).

I've had no issues whatsoever for several years syncing with OneDrive Personal on Windows and iOS. But I haven't set up a new device in recent times, I must admit.

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