Onedrive sync on android - still getting typeError and no notebooks

Operating system


Joplin version


Sync target


What issue do you have?

Syncing my notes on my android phone for the first time (after emigrating from Evernote) and I get an error: "TypeError: On file cannot read property 'retry-after' of undefined"

This seems to be the same issue as "OneDrive sync issues #8561" on github which is marked as solved, but it is still a problem for me. Any ideas what I can do?

Any help really appreciated - this is the last hurdle before I delete evernote completely so it would be amazing to solve!


The fix hasn't been released to the PlayStore yet — I think the first version it's in is should be 12.13.6 (a prerelease).

According to the release cycle page, it should be available in a few weeks.

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