One machine sync only one book!

Hi !
I love using joplin on my win7 desktop and on my android smartphone.
they sync perfectly, using a folder on nextcloud.
As I also use a small debian laptop, I installed joplin on it, using the recommended command line.
At first everything looked good.
unfortunately, only one of my seven books is seen and synchronized by joplin on the linux laptop.
What could I do ?
(Please note that I don’t know the linux system very well)
thanks !


Is the sync process completed on the Linux desktop? If it is, could you check the log to see if there’s any error?

Depending on the number of notes, when on windows 7 it's fast, it takes ages on Linux, so may be the sync is not finished yet as suggested by Laurent.

Ps : welcome on board :grin:

There is no error on the linux laptop and neither on the Win7 desktop.

here is the final content of log.txt !

019-04-26 12:57:36: “Running background sync on timer…”
2019-04-26 12:57:36: “Scheduling sync operation…”
2019-04-26 12:57:36: “Preparing scheduled sync”
2019-04-26 12:57:36: “Starting scheduled sync”
2019-04-26 12:57:36: “Reducer action”, “SYNC_STARTED”
2019-04-26 12:57:36: “Sync: starting: Starting synchronisation to target 5… [1556276256743]”
2019-04-26 12:57:36: “Reducer action”, “SYNC_REPORT_UPDATE”
2019-04-26 12:57:36: “mkdir .sync”
2019-04-26 12:57:37: “mkdir .resource”
2019-04-26 12:57:37: "delta "
2019-04-26 12:57:38: “Sync: fetchingTotal: Fetching delta items from sync target”
2019-04-26 12:57:38: “Reducer action”, “SYNC_REPORT_UPDATE”
2019-04-26 12:57:38: “Reducer action”, “SETTING_UPDATE_ONE”
2019-04-26 12:57:38: “Sync: finished: Synchronisation finished [1556276256743]”
2019-04-26 12:57:38: “Reducer action”, “SYNC_REPORT_UPDATE”
2019-04-26 12:57:38: "Operations completed: "
2019-04-26 12:57:38: “fetchingTotal: -”
2019-04-26 12:57:38: “Total folders: 2”
2019-04-26 12:57:38: “Total notes: 7”
2019-04-26 12:57:38: “Total resources: 4”
2019-04-26 12:57:38: “Reducer action”, “SYNC_COMPLETED”
2019-04-26 12:57:38: “Reducer action”, “SETTING_UPDATE_ONE”
2019-04-26 12:57:38: “Setting up recurrent sync with interval 300”

there is now 2 folders, as I created one new folder on the linux laptop, to see what occurs.
That new folder is visible from win7 desktop and from android smartphone.
there is 9 folders visible on those machines.

Maybe try to delete your profile in ~/.config/joplin-desktop and try again to sync.

OK, that whas the solution, Thanks ! :heart_eyes:
the bad little thing is that I got a flow of new tabs, each of them 3 or 4 times : "attachment", "exporting", "importing", "markdown", and some "organising" and "search" to achieve my joy, as I dont use any tag.
Very funny, indeed. let's laugh together :nauseated_face:

These are the tags associated with the Welcome notebook. If you delete this notebooks and notes inside, the tags should be gone too.

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we agree about “should be”. But they actually did not go. And had babies, scattered all around.
I may have been too fast, preventing the deletion to achieve locally before I established the sync.
Sorry, but I don’t have any time, at the moment, to explore and reproduce this strange behaviour.
Joplin is a nice tool, thanks for your quick help.

If you are not afraid of the command line, I can tell you how to delete the tags from the database and the resource directory.

Not afraid ;
I would be glad to learn about those, please do tell me.

Are you currently using any tags other than the ones that were created by the Welcome notebook?

If not, it’s quite easy:

  • Goto to your sync directory (the sync directory is specified in the settings screen) with cd <directory>
  • run the following command: grep -l -E "type_: (5|6)" * |xargs rm
  • click on the sync button in Joplin

All tags are removed from the database and the UI.