Old data is not automatically deleted (Netxcloud sync)


I use Joplin and sync it via Nextcloud. I have a total of about 30 notes which all sync very well. Also, I have set 7 days as note history. However, I have over 2000 files in the sync-folder, some of which are several months old.

How do I solve it that Joplin deletes the files automatically?

Tools used:
Joplin Mac: Revision: f560563 (master)
Joplin iOS: Joplin 10.7.2

Thanks in advance for your help!

A *.md represents a note, folder, tag, revison, resource.
Please check your Sync status how many files joplin use.
Help > Syncronisation status

Thank you! It looks like this:

Note: 70/70
Folder: 6/6
Resource: 5/5
Tag: 0/0
NoteTag: 0/0
MasterKey: 1/1
Revision: 76/76
Total: 158/158

So I have 158 Total items. But as I look at my Nextcloud folder I have 2079 items there. This can't be right, can it? The oldest file is from the beginning of the initial Joplin setup...

Would it help if I removed the history within the settings (which actually is 7 days)?

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