Was I confused when I first saw your screenshots! But then I've realized that you were referring to obisidian. :rofl:

Indeed. A graph view would make Joplin very powerful. I can imagine powerful search and discovery of notes through graph mechanisms.


I think a Graph View would be useless unless the way links are created, and tags are not created within note. I used to be on the side of adding those features to Joplin, but now think that Joplin is not meant for Zettelkasten, it is just a great note-taking tool.

I recently tried to set up a workflow with both Joplin and Obsidian. I use Joplin as my Inbox. I set it up with a PARA method and just keep adding more things to it (i.e. collecting). I also write my journal there, adding my fleeting and literature notes there. At the end of the day, I go through everything I wrote that day and move some good thoughts to my Obsidian.

I think they work great in tandem. Joplin is great because I can add notes on any device, online and offline. It is much more convinient than paper or any other medium. Obsidian works great as a Zettelkasten, with its links, tags and Graph views.

I think more people sohuld consider using them together as opposed to making Joplin into Obsidian.


I don't know. It would be two apps for notes. Not sure everyone likes it. But I am OK without Graph View in Joplin :slight_smile: Indeed, it should be a plugin and not a core feature for Joplin.

But! I will appreciate having a pop-up window to see all global, internal and internal backwards links for a note in Joplin. It will help in switching between notes.


There is still more potential in the graph that Obsidian is working on. Several projects are / were started in the attempt of creating some sort of graph based knowledge management / exploration tool.

I am not participating in a debate whether there should be a all-purpose application, or to use multiple tools for the purpose. That is more of a subjective topic.
However, I have come to love Joplin, and would like it to draw some inferences from other projects out there, and possibly even cooperate. I believe that graphs and visible linking of notes are essential to the knowledge base I am creating as I go through life, and if one day some one plans to work on this, I suggest Joplin to form a strong philosophy of how things should work instead of mirroring features.


This is a very interesting feature, I might consider implementing it after finishing clicking the link in the vscode editor. In addition, I will not migrate over because of this feature, maybe obsidian's ui is more beautiful (vscode basically does not allow custom ui), and search is very very useful (this is almost impossible to achieve in the vscode plugin), but there are still some Other problems (solve some problems, bring some problems), including synchronization, mobile terminal support.


They're planning on making it.

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As far as we are discussing Obsidian here, I want to know is there any way to migrate to Obsidian with all the tags? And migrate back if needed? I suppose no.

No, but that why there's the plugin system. People can now write their own exporters and importers.
Joplin itself will not add any more importers/exporters to the core. Laurent mentioned the reasoning a few times on this forum.


I commented about export and import as one of the main points to consider when someone decided to try out another app. I didn't expect that someone writes this exporter, or that is more important, importer.

By the way, your message contains exciting information. Can you share in two-three sentences the reasons Laurent mentioned as you remember them? I am a new user, and I have not met these messages yet.

I couldn't find the other ones, but this one was one of the comments I talked about:

Joplin supports already the formats md and html (besides JEX, RAW, PDF). Other apps also use md or html, so they should provide a proper import function. There have also been several topics in this forum on how to migrate data from or to Joplin. Sometimes it takes several steps and/or scripts, but it is possible.

Either way, it's not feasible to support dozens of different import/export combinations in the core app.
The plugin system is the perfect way to handle that. With it you can also take care of meta data, which is not included in the standard md and html export formats (but it is in JEX and RAW).


@rasulkireev I am curious about your work flow... specifically about using Obsidian and Joplin in tandem


You forgot FOAM for VSC, can be used both as an addon for VS Code or VS Codium for those that don't want the Microsoft "call back to mom"....

The search function in VS Code is way more advanced than in Obsidian, and it works way better.

Another advantage of the VS code plugins Dendron, Foam etc. is that they can cooperate and utilize any other VSC plugin you like to use, so you can actually use i.e. the graphviz plugin together with the markdown plugins, you can use the Zotero Plugin in addition to any of the markdown plugins etc.etc.

Obsidian is great in many ways, but it is not unique in any way, and they was not "the first" to implement a graph view for markdown notebooks, even though a lot of their disciples thinkg so...
Trillium is way more advanced in many ways, but as Joplin, it use a database backend... but in Trillium you can even create named relations, and have been able to do so for a really long time...

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Why mutually exclusive?

Joplin can run off the local file system unencrypted (both desktop and mobile). The collection of Joplin MD files can then be synced with SyncThing or NextCloud or many others.

Obsidian now has both desktop and mobile app (beta) and runs off of local files. Changes for annotations/graphing with Obsidian will reflect in Joplin local files.

Sweet deal, if you ask me. Use a application firewall (OpenSnitch on Linux, simplewall on Windows, NetGuard on Android) to prevent Obsidian from phoning home.

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Yes @rasulkireev , I am curious as well, since I'm using Obsidian. I'm considering Joplin as part of my capture/processing workflow before info reaches Obsidian, where info is mostly more developed for me.

I'm a relatively veteran Joplin user. I've also been looking at Obsidian, Notion, Zettlr, etc. for the same reasons as everyone else. (Mainly, backlinks are essential these days, even though some people here have poo-poo'd backlinks, saying "I don't want them"; which is great, but they are an essential feature for note-taking apps these days, having demonstrated their wonderful usefulness in "remembering" and "refinding" related notes, situations, mindsets. Second killer feature is the related graph view. With those two features, we'd be really updated to more modern needs.

But one thing keeps me using Joplin: Its firm commitment to open source and privacy, wonderful community, solidness of product, ability to find workarounds usually to anything, the great developments recently in the Joplin Server, and the conviction that the plugins will solve these two problems (already emerging).

So, I'm not giving my stuff to anyone. I'm staying here.

However, I did whip up a Zettlekasten system of my own in VSCode, and tend to use that too. With a few plugins, I've got Kanban, Graph View, links and backlinks, all light weight and a host of extensions to mix and match. (vsnote great for templates). Also, Zettlr is great for publishing and also has a great community. But Joplin will always be on my desktop, mobile, in my life.


@victorkane both of these features have been developed as plugins. I'm assuming by 'backlinks' that you mean internal links - you can right click on a note and get the internal link already. Apologies if this is wrong. Quick Links plugin allows you to type "@@" in a note and have a list of notes pop up. Link Graph UI does the visual representation like Obsidian.

Yes, I hadn't updated Joplin in a while, after updating Joplin to the latest version, I installed the following three plugins:

  • Quick Links
  • Automatic Backlinks to note
  • Link Graph UI

AND NOW MY LIFE as a boomer zettelkasten newbie IS COMPLETE!!!

I can re-affirm that Joplin is the greatest and the bestest!


Good man! I've got inline tags, outline and note tabs also installed. Pretty handy.

Was also looking into Obsidian but stayed with Joplin as most of the functionality I was interested in was realised with the plugin creation.