Hack your brain with obsidian

This came up on my feed today:

Lots of neat ideas for sure, many of which I’m sure already exist in Joplin already. I’m sticking with Joplin for the foreseeable future, but always interesting to see what other note taking softwares are up to. Obsidian looks like one of the better ones

I watch what they're doing and then work out how to do it in Joplin. 90% of the time I can. Which is not bad for a commercial program vs. a FOSS one.

I'd also point out that to publish things to the web and sync to their version of Joplin Cloud (two things essential to my workflow) is $16 p.m. or $192 annually in Obsidian. Maybe it's the tightass in me, but I'm very happy with Joplin. :slight_smile:


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