Notebook list - Collapse notebook tree

After using Joplin for quite some time, I now have many sub-notebooks and I’d like an option to start Joplin with the notebook tree in the sidebar collapsed. It would also be really handy to have a menu item to collapse all / expand all by right clicking “Notebooks” in the sidebar.


If you manually collapse a higher level notebook then it will remember that for the next time you load so you dont have to keep doing it over and over. A un/collapse all could be nice in some usecases but for me the fact that it remembers makes it less of an issue.


I strongly support this feature request. I don't collapse manually the notebooks' hierarchy after I have found the note I was looking for, instead I use the information of the note for some other application and don't come back to Joplin until I need to search some other note quite probably unrelated to the previous search.

But then the hierarchy is expanded with many branches down a few levels. I need to search and collapse one by one the higher nodes to have a clearer view of which is the top level node where I have to start my search.

I collapse all feature would save a lot of time with this top level node search.


I have the same idea.

It would be interesting :wink:

Yes to this :pray:


How come no one thought about to include simple collapse, there are missing so many basic controls, which were used in programs since 1999 - I don't understand... It is very unproductive to use, so far I didn't find better alternative :frowning:

Yes this will be a nice feature.