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Include some of note body in Note List

I have used Evernote for, among other things, my journal for years. Each journal entry title consists of the date and day of the week, such as “2019-10-10 (Thursday)” for easy sorting. Today, the last notebook I copied over from Evernote was the Journal notebook, having decided to make the break over to Joplin for everyday use. However, the first thing I noticed was that, in Evernote, the note list includes 3 compressed lines of the body of the note, extra white space and line breaks removed. This makes a handy way to help locate something. By contrast, the note list in Joplin includes only the title, and looks rather barren in comparison to Evernote. I’d certainly like to see something like this as at least an option for Jopliln, which is just so, so close to being ready.

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Hello there,
I second that! I have many notes (currently experimenting Joplin on iOS) and having just a tiny one line note title is not very convenient, sometimes I have a 2 lines note that I would like to read without opening it.

Just for reference here is an open issue related to this topic https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/1494. It looks like no one has picked it up but if it gets enough attention in the forum then someone may pick it up and implement it.