Note history not accessible from mobile

I read but it’s not the behavior


Could be really helpful if we could have access to the history of the note as explained on patreon on the mobile

because when this happened, you’re good to drop the note and restart from scratch

I would like to see this as well. Yesterday I spent some time searching for the feature after reading the article only to realize it isn’t implemented.

The rational is that the note history is not often used, only in cases when notes have been lost, or you want to dig up an old version. In that case, it’s reasonable to expect you can wait till you’re on your laptop. It’s unlike taking notes, where you want to quickly type something at any moment. Note history is not as frequently used.

I think this makes sense to me actually. The patreon article is what confused me. On my initial read I thought it was cross platform supported. I read it a second time very carefully and noticed it wasn’t.

It’s cross-platform in the sense that all platforms save note history so your mobile app also generates revisions for each note (which are then synced), but indeed only the desktop app has the UI to read that history.

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