Note EDITOR pane text different fonts/sizes/indents/colour etc - difficult to read


Joplin 1.7.11 (prod, linux) [appimage]

Client ID: d03582bbb80b4f878b8512198cafc778
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: No

Revision: f560563 (master)

Markdown editor


The text in the note viewer pane is rendered properly

But the text in the note editor pane is also formatted to a degree (different text sizes etc), which makes it difficult to read

Is this normal? How can I set the text in the note editor pane to be all one font/size/indent/colour etc?

A few places to check:

  • Have you changed the font size in Settings > Appearances?
  • Does choosing a different font family help?
  • Do you have any custom CSS (same section, advanced)
  • Have you changed the zoom of the app? (View > Zoom)
  • Does changing themes help?

Also might be helpful to include a screenshot if you are able.

There is a wiki page on this forum that lists some css customisations. The first one uses userchrome.css to remove almost all formatting in the editor pane.

Plain editor (no color, no font changes)

Joplin version tested on: 1.1.4

div.CodeMirror-lines * {
	font-size: inherit !important;
	color: black !important;
	font-weight: normal !important;
	text-decoration: none !important;


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But all seems fine now

It was not the formatting as such, but that it was not a consistent formatting (after copy pasting some text).

However, after deleting a few empty lines and restarting it is all now consistent, and actually the formatting makes it easier to read

@dpoulton thanks for the info

Am really enjoying Joplin, seems to just get better and better :slight_smile:

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