Not working checkbox and Russian keyboard layout symbol

Mac OS - Catalina (iOS 13.4)
Version Joplin - Joplin for Desktop
Copyright © 2016-2020 Laurent Cozic
Joplin 1.0.195 (prod, darwin)

Hi, everybody. When using the program, I encountered several problems:

  1. Checkbox doesn’t work in markdown markup. Mac OS and iOS
  2. Russian keyboard layout makes it very difficult to translate the Russian “ё” character. In other applications, “ё” works correctly.

You have the wrong format for markdown checkboxes, they should be

- [ ] Test string

notice the leading -
Maybe someone else can help with the input problem, unfortunately I have no experience

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Cool! Thank you very much. It’s working.

For some reason the input is not working correctly. Usually when I long press a character which has modification symbols (accent, umlaut, …) the input popup shows up and the character is replaced with the one I selected. In Joplin however, the selected character is appended.

Yes. I also have this problem. But I haven’t found a solution yet.

The same happens in Ace’s kitchen sink, thus I suspect it’s a problem with the editor. Maybe you could open an issue with Ace.

Sorry. I’m don’t use Ace

Joplin does.

Excuse me. My English is not very good. I don’t always understand it ))