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Hi everyone,
I have been making a first attempt as using Joplin as a replacement for Evernote today.
At this point I am feeling I'm hitting a road block because of the absence of hierarchal tags in Joplin.
I'd like to be able to have a hierarchical view of my notes, so that I can easily browse my notes database, but also to be able to find a given note in several places, as my categorization process is not 100% deterministic.
Evernote hierarchical tags enable this pretty well : I can navigate the tags hierarchy to browse my notes, but at the same time, I can find the same note in different places, when it has several tags.
Is there a way I could achieve this with Joplin ?
Thanks in advance for any tip you may give me on this !

If you explain how "exactly" you are using your hierarchical tags ... then somebody may come up with some help. When you start using a new product it is important to understand it's different philosophy and how to wrap your needs around it (rather than the opposite :wink:

it looks like my message was not clear enough. Sorry, I wil try to take an example.

Say I'm interested in both cooking recipes and ingredients.
I come across a cake recipe that involves a very specific variety of flour.

I'm gonna save this document and would like to find it back both in:

  • recipes/cakes
  • ingredients/flour/this_very_specific_flour

So I'm wondering how I could find this document back both while browsing a recipes/cakes "folder" and a ingredients/flour/this_very_specific_flour "folder" ("folder" being any entity that mimics a hierarchical organization)

Implementing the hierarchy via the name of the tags (ie tagging the document with recipes_cake and ingredients_flour_this_very_specific_flour) does not work very well because I can have 5 or 6 levels of depth and will certainly not remember each path precisely when tagging the document (I know I have a tag "this_very_specific_flour" but I don't want to have to remember that is is under ingredients/flour).

Hope this is more explicit.

Thanks again for your feedback.

I don't have a good answer to your question, but I've seen some users on Evernote forum mention using a similar system back when I was using EN. IMHO this organizational overhead is a waste of time (that you have to keep up with as you add notes) when you have search. Google trounced Yahoo on the same principle - why browse categories when you can search. 99% of my notes are in one notebook and I use tags, and just search to find notes. With 5k notes, this works fine for me and has relatively low overhead. Obviously YMMV, but an it's approach that might be worth considering if you haven't already.

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To directly answer your question, nested tags are not yet supported.

For more information, see the open Github feature request. This merged nested tags pull request was reverted for severe performance issues. Nested tags also can't be implemented through a plugin. I'm not aware of any workarounds.

As stated, try leveraging search (and nested notebooks as needed) for finding notes.


The simple way to do this in Joplin is to type: Ctrl-P for search then
cake recipes (type of flour as a word)

You'll get all the notes that have those 3 words. There is no need for tags at all. Joplin searches very well. Searching | Joplin provides an explanation of search.

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