New UI suggestions

Hello everyone
I was looking at the Joplin Desktop app and thought to be a little creative with the user interface so I have designed a new interface, keeping the original functioning and features of Joplin.

Joplin is already based on a great theme color i.e. blue so I have given the design a blue side as blue symbolizes trust and peace. I have attached screenshots hope you like them and do let me know in the comments for any other change or addition, every little help is appreciated.

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Is it a mockup or have you already implemented this? It should be all perfectly doable with CSS and can be easily distributed as a theme plugin (or literally just as a single css file unless there are additional fonts).


I even made my own overhaul once that I never did get around to finishing...

Personally I think the gradient on yours is a bit too much for me but thats just personal taste, if you want to make a theme then go for it.


Thank you for your words, this was just a prototype that I thought would look good and go with the theme of the application. I posted it for some reviews from which I'll decide to work on it. If you can rate this prototype I'll be highly obliged.

I liked the the overall theme. I liked the gradient but I would love it with a less gradient. But its just my personal opinion. Also are you planning to make dark version of this? Personally I will want to use that one.