Joplin White Theme

I've created a new White Theme plugin for use by joplin. It is based on and inspired by: GitHub - LongBay/Joplin-Light-Theme: A light theme for Joplin

It has the following features:

  • Uses white as much as possible (no dark or gray sidebars)
  • Customizable colors, icons, font sizes, list item heights and more
  • Implemented in plugin format for quick installation
  • CSS cleanup and refactoring

The source code can be found here: Code / joplin-plugin-white-theme · GitLab


Great ! Can you add a screenshot ? Thanks :wink:

It's been added!


Could you add some other themes?Thanks!

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I plan to expand on the white theme by adding settings options to change certain colors, item heights and so on.

Currently im thinking of the following settings options:

  • Background Color: Currently Set to White
  • Accent Color: Currently set to light gray
  • Item Height: For notebook, tags, and note item heights
  • Font style and size.

Hey guys, I just finished a complete overhaul of the theme. Now it looks much more modern and not so spartan. In addition, there are now customization options for the theme on the settings page. Go ahead and update and let me know what you think!


Could you provide a Screenshot of the overhaul?

The first post has been updated. A lot of what you see is customizable however.

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@BeatLink - Kindly see the following issue logged for this theme: UI Icons Appear Broken(?) (#1) · Issues · Code / joplin-plugin-white-theme · GitLab

Kindly see the following bugs logged:

Search Clear Button Occasionally Broken (UI) (#2) · Issues · Code / joplin-plugin-white-theme · GitLab