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Hi - first post here. I don't have any problems as such but I'm new to Joplin and wish to transfer about 1500 notes from Apple Notes. I've used the 'Exporter' app which exports them as md files and images as jpgs in a separate folder (and attachments in another separate folder but I don't use them). I'm an artist and this is my art journal, so most of the exported entries have images associated with them. Could anyone tell me how to now import all of these md files into Joplin along with their associated images please? I've checked and there is a link to each image in the md files. I hope this is possible! Many thanks, Rhod

Hi Rhod, welcome to the forum

For a start, let's try a standard path for importing notes:

Joplin > File > Import > Markdown (Directory) > Choose the folder where the notes and pictures are located

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Out of interest do the references all point to the correct place? I don't know much about apple notes so I assume that when you normally put a picture in there it creates a copy internally rather than just linking to the file on your file system.
So if your export folder looks something like


What does the markdown link look like in the actual markdown notes? I assume it should be something like ![image1](./.images/image1.png)

Hi graphit0 - many thanks for the quick response. I made a subset (rather than try to import all 1500 straight off) and everything seemed to work. So I may go for it now. I'll let you know how I get on!

Hi Daeraxa - yes, that's exactly what the link looks like. Of course, Apple Notes don't want you migrating away from their software so they don't provide a means of exporting in this way. I used an excellent 3rd party app called 'Exporter', which seems to have done a very good job of it.

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That is really useful to know actually, thank you. I assume it was this one? ‎Exporter on the Mac App Store

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You're very welcome! Yes, that's the one - it wouldn't allow me to add a link in my post - must be because I'm new... :thinking:

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I actually never heard of this Exporter tool. That's a really good news that the tool exists.

If the migration is successful It would be great to add this tool to our instructions about import from other applications

Yeah thats the Discourse trust system to stop people spamming links everywhere. It goes away pretty quickly.

I only had one minor glitch which the Exporter app doesn't warn you about. It's probably obvious but if you have locked (password protected) entries in Apple Notes it exports the titles only and the contents are blank. Luckily I only had a couple of these so I've subsequently transferred them over manually. I'm not sure if they would have transferred over if I'd unlocked them first. Other than that, Exporter worked like a dream and I'm now completely transferred over from Apple Notes to Joplin, all images in place and everything synced through Nextcloud.
This is all part of a planned move from Apple to Linux, and from iPhone to a 'de-googled' android phone running the /e/ operating system. It's all a bit nerve racking as I'm not particularly techy but so far so good. I actually got a perfectly working Lenovo Thinkpad from the local skip site which is running Linux Mint really well! Amazing what some people will throw out... It even has a 500gb hard drive!

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in that case, just put it in a code block or inline code (bwtween 2 backticks).

Thanks - I'll do that in future

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