New Joplin installation not fetching, only updating remote items

I have a Joplin archive on Nextcloud that syncs fine to my Kubuntu desktop and Android mobile. I am now trying to set up a third Joplin instance on a laptop running Windows 10, but here the Joplin desktop app is not fetching anything, it's only updating remote items. The behaviour is markedly different from the first sync on my two other devices, where the fetching started immediately.

I've only let the sync run for about 15 minutes, because I'm worried that it's deleting stuff in the central repository. In that time it fetched zero items but updated around a thousand. My archive is much larger than this, so I have no way of visually checking what the updating entailed.

I should mention that I briefly had Joplin installed on the same laptop a couple of weeks back, but I uninstalled it in preparation for my recent move from Dropbox to Nextcloud.

Is this syncing behaviour normal? Will the fetching start eventually, or is my Windows laptop messing things up? It's running Joplin desktop 1.7.11. I am new to Joplin, so apologies in advance if my question has an obvious answer.

As a Joplin user, I suggest you backup your central repository (by export all notes from yor Kubuntu desktop) before doing anything. Then delete the Joplin profile directory (Joplin Database and Profile Location) and do a fresh install, and do a full sync. Hope it helps.

I'm using both macos and windows clients. I can't remember exactly the behavior of the full sync of the windows client, but I remember it took much longer than 15 minutes to fetch everything of the 300MB remote repo to local.

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Was this instance already used?
Because they push also there history to the repro and then merge both.

From the point of view of a system administrator I can only say make backups and then backup again :smiley:
You can use my Backup Plugin.

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