Need help regarding finding issues

Hi @PackElend, Hi @rullzer,

I tried to find issues for the ElectronClient (Desktop labeled) that I can work on. But people have already commented that they are working on that issue or want to work on that issue. As it’s first-come-first-serve, what should I do? #gsoc-2020

Please tell me if I’m missing something. Thanks.

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Hi @gittysachin
Try searching for more issues. If there are no issues left, you can create of your own. Before that, ensure that the issue doesn’t exist already.


Thanks @Jayashree-panda,

I absolutely forgot that I could find create a issue if it doesn't exist. :grinning:

It’s ok @gittysachin
Go ahead😁

For GSoC, it’s ok to also come up with small thing you see you can improve in the app. Also have a look at the bug reports, in case you can fix of some of them.

Thanks @laurent, I’ll try to do the same.