Navigation Arrows are missing to traverse inside a file content


I have imported 2,000 text files. I searched for a keyword. The keyword is getting highlighted and no issues. The < > arrows are available to move to next file. However there is NO < > arrows available to navigate the search results inside the content of the file...We need to manually scroll to see the hits. ...It would be great if < > arrows are present to navigate the search results inside a single note as well

Below is the arrow for navigate to next note.



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Any update on this?

You are half right, and half wrong.
When you open the find dialog, type your search text and hit enter, the cursor goes to the first hit.
Now, every time you click find again, it goes to the subsequent hit. In other words, find operates as ->
This is where you're half wrong. And because one cannot go back (no <- command), you are half right.


  1. the cursor goes to the first hit
  2. this is where the problem is i don't like to find again...instead arrows should exist to navigate

if i am mistaken, please kindly share the steps with screenshot..That would really helps a lot

Sorry, no time for this, pal

I have re-confirmed the problem and this has to be fixed

  1. Arrows to navigate to files or next files after search results came
  2. Arrows to navigate inside a single file content for the highlighted keyword


Any update on it.

Any update on it.

Any update on it. I need these features

Please don't keep spamming asking for updates. If it hasn't been accepted as an enhancement then there is no update and no timeline. Feel free to develop the feature yourself and submit it as a PR for review (or write a plugin if if can be supported by the API).

I'm using 2.12.18 on windows. Starting a search in the note (:showLocalSearch, edit->search in current note) brings up a text box with up and down arrows. The arrows cycle through the search results. To the best of my recollection, this has been true for as long as I have used joplin (a few years).

If you mean cycling through search results after "edit -> search in all notes" (:focussearch), then yeah, that seems to be a limitation.

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