My rendered mermaid graph dont show the whole word

Hi im using Version 2.4.12 and my rendered mermaid graphs look this:

Any tips for me?

Hi Ronny,

graph LR
	word --> words
	words --> 3["more (words)"]

The indentation at the second line and following lines... and maybe 'more(words)' is only an example - but for peranthesis you have to use a special syntax.

Take a look on the mermaid site - there is also a link to a live-editor-website: GitHub - mermaid-js/mermaid-live-editor: Edit, preview and share mermaid charts/diagrams. New implementation of the live editor.

And the mermaid tutorial: mermaid - Markdownish syntax for generating flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, gantt charts and git graphs.

Sure, thats clear, my point is that in my rendered version the letter "d" from the word "word" and the letter "s" from the word "words" is like cut of. And i dont know why.

@Ronny welcome to the forum.

There was a post some time ago when another user was suffering what appears to be the same issue with cut off words in Mermaid charts. Other users could not duplicate the problem. A work-around was found by changing the font Mermaid uses to a condensed variant. The work-around in the below link is based on a font available by default on a Windows OS machine. If you want to try this and are not using Windows you will need to identify a condensed font installed on whatever OS you are using.

The css mentioned is placed in userstyle.css. Go to the Joplin settings page and navigate to Appearance > Show Advanced Settings and press " Custom stylesheet for rendered Markdown " (which opens userstyle.css ).

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