Multiple Databases

I come from the Microsoft world and am finally migrating to Linux. In so doing, I believe that Joplin is a great tool that to be even better if some features I used from MS Onenote could possibly be implemented. The most important for me is the ability to be able to open and close various database files that contain Notebooks.

The reason for this is simple, since I freelance, I can work for different companies and MUST segreggate the work I perform (and the notes I take) for them. For this reason, I would need a database for client “A” and another for client “B” and so on…

Being able to encrypt the database file (E2EE) is already great but being able to do so with a different password for each database would be a “nice to have”.

Is this a possibility?

There is currently no super-simple integrated way to do this with Joplin, although it is on the roadmap

For now you can use the –profile flag to manually specify a database location which can be anywhere (often users will use an encrypted container). This is not an officially supported method though and only supports one open instance of Joplin at a time.


Thanks for the quick response, John!

This works perfectly for me since I don’t need to run two instances of Joplin at the same time.

The next step for me is to sync each profile with an online service. At this stage, I’m assuming that the only way to sync-up each database is to use separate WebDAV targets, correct?

Many thanks!

BTW: The “L” in lg_0 stands for “Laurent” but I didn’t want to confuse everyone by having a 2nd Laurent on the forum ;-D Cheers!

Yes, otherwise you wouldn't need 2 profiles....


Nice to meet you Laurent!