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Feature proposal

Hi there,

just began to use joplin. a feature very usefull to use especially in groups, would be to have the possibility to define different sync-targets for different notebooks, so one could share one with some people, another with others ans one only with myself.



you can play with several profiles with

joplin --profile /path/to/profile/group1
joplin --profile /path/to/profile/group2
joplin --profile /path/to/profile/myself

good idea, but does not work with the gui-client (Joplin-1.0.101-x86_64.AppImage )

use simply joplin …

because once you’ve run once Joplin-1.0.101-x86_64.AppImage it creates ~/.config/profile-profile and then joplin add itself here ~/.joplin-bin/bin/joplin, so joplin --profile will work with version 1.0.101

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This has a few drawbacks:


  • can’t run several instanes of joplin at the same time
  • have to quit/start joplin every time you want to use a different sync target
  • don’t have access to notes which use a different sync target

yes, best way would be, different targets in same instance / profile

except by using the joplin terminal version in the same time of the desktop one but you are limited to 1 instance by terminal/desktop

There’s no cure for stupidity. It is impossible to build safe guards for all eventualities. At one point people have to use common sense.

I dont understand your reply
When I use joplin terminal with one profile and joplin desktop with another one at once (each syncing with a different cloud account), I have no problem at all.

Yes, you are right. However, people could use the desktop and the cli app at the same time using the same sync settings. It is possible that this can lead to problems, especially with sync delays. Conflicts are more likely, but are no different than when using the same sync server on 2 different devices.

I was just trying to convey that not all restrictions make sense and on the other hand there are restrictions that cannot prevent errors.

it’s a good good idea.
I hope this could be implemented.


Thanks for the proposal, I am also interested in this feature!

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Hi everybody,

Is there any effort going on to implement this feature?

We are a research group in Germany doing experimental quantum computing with ion traps, and would love to use Joplin as solution for our digital labbooks.

We are currently using Onenote 2016 but will have to abandon it when we house ARTIQ, our experimental control system, in a Linux box soon.

We need to be able to sync our labbooks to shared folders as we do not want to leave our data in the hands of an external party. Nevertheless, we would really benefit with the ability to sync different projects independently.

Joplin seems like the right solution and ticks all the boxes, but this very issue of not being able to sync different labbooks independently is the deal breaker for us.


Unfortunately Joplin is primarily focused on single user notetaking. There is a detailed outline of a multiple profile feature so it’s definitely in the pipeline somewhere, but as far as I know, nobody is actively working on it.