Move to the top (Android-Version)

I miss (or perhaps didn’t find) the option to get quickly to the top of a note in the editing-mode. I just can swipe up and sometimes it happens I’m loosing data because while swiping up I get into the selecting-mode of text.
I can do that in the Windows-Version with Ctrl Home.


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read the answer 4 topics down…

Hi - i can’t find an answer in “4 Topics down”.
What do you mean exactly?

at the time you posted this topic, 4 topics down in the list of topics (discourse main page) was already a discussion going on about exactly this feature request.
You should search the #features category, before requesting a new feature.

I searched with wrong terms, but later discovered the others. I assumed that your reference would lead to a solution :slight_smile:
Because I often have to move to the top in the editing mode, I have now developed a solution with Tasker and will publish it in the Lounge category. I hope it will be in the right place there.

Yes, Lounge is good for things like that. People will certainly appreciate it.
At one point I hope we’ll have an option or a button to scroll to top/bottom.

Agreed, need ability to start edits at top of notes in android

Honestly, and this would be wishful thinking, it’d be super nice if both the iOS and Android versions could optionally use an external editor like the desktop version does to help mitigate this.


It’s possible in the newer version (1.0.327) for Android:
When the note is opened in the editor-mode it will rest at the top.
Press & hold the cursor at the place you wish to continue.
To go to the bottom tap only once in the note when it’s opened in the editor-mode.

Seems to be removed again in Version 1.0.329. What a pitty.