Move controls (search/new todo/new note) out of note list column

The note list column might not be wide enough to host these controls, can we have a top bar across three columns and aggregate all controls/icons/indicators into the top menu bar?

Not sure that's a great solution, but I agree that the search bar gets tiny when you narrow the note list. Maybe a rethink on this when UI is next refreshed makes sense.

Related to that space constraint, check out the massive space wasted by having notebook listed under the note title.

And then more space wasted by having tags at the bottom. Seems like notebook and tag attributes could be consolidated on same row as note title, but on the right side along with date. That would free up a lot of real estate to display note contents.

Considering you can toggle off note column (cmd+alt+L), it is even more concern moving those controls out from the column:

Note title could sit at the left side of the top menu bar, or top head bar, can you can constraint the length of the title been displayed on the bar, with enough space left for the controls/indicator icons, right?

Yes it is big waste of space. Maybe when user clicked on tags, the "In XYZ", "In ABC", ... can be piled vertically in the note list column (in which context, there is no Notebook selected anyway), instead of listing them horizontally on top of the Note content panel.

Yeah, lots of ways to deal with it, but it seems this kind of thing needs to be holistic, not piecemeal.

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Evernote does the same - if you hide the note list, you hide the search bar. But not the new note button because that's in the sidebar. Not that Evernote's UI is some objectively great standard, but their UI is generally viewed favorably.

Their treatment for collapsing the sidebar is interesting - it doesn't disappear, but collapses down to icons. Very useful IMHO. The + button at the top is the new note button.


well, I am not sure if that is "objectively great standard", but to me search box should be something always visible. Logically I can't link search box to note list column, as it can search current note under editing, and it can search across notebooks, right?

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