1.2.2 Search field

Good morning,

in the new GUI the search field is extremely small and when you enter a little bigger search string you can't recognize or edit the search query without moving the course in a tiny field.
Especially with the new search options.


Thanks for the feedback on the beta app. Just in case you didn't know you can resize the column to make it wider, so that would help a bit with this problem. Evernote also places the search bar there, but the minimum column width is wider so it's less of an issue:


Otherwise any suggestion on how to improve this is welcome.

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Yes, I know, but to get the search field big enough, too much space is lost.
I think when the Button for new Note / ToDo is above than its better.
Or in a speratet area in which then also attach keywords or saved searches can be pind.


One option would be for the buttons to be responsive, when the column is wide, the buttons appear to the right (as implemented), and when the column is narrow, make the buttons move above
Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 8.24.42 PM .

Another option – Sometimes a search box will expand to cover other buttons while you are interacting, so clicking into it would temporarily cover the "add" buttons. Seems like the animation might be complicated to get right though. Somewhat similar example: https://dribbble.com/shots/6505168-Quick-Search-Animation

Here's an other proposition :slight_smile:

Search fields split in 2 at the bottom

  • one for basic search in the note
  • one for advanced search in notebooks

when click on the search symbol (advanced search) -> prompt to help building the search sentence (notebook, date, tag, logical operators,...)
Last search visible like virtual notebooks with right click -> rename, remove, duplicate, modify (-> prompt)

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Found a simpler example of this "covering up buttons" style:

Thanks @uxamanda for looking into it. I will implement it by hiding the new note buttons when the field has focus.

Any options that involves adding labels to the "new note" or "new todos" buttons is not really an option, because in other languages it's too long. Like in French it would be "Nouvelle note" and "Nouvelle tâche" which takes too much space.

Ah yea, that makes sense.

@laurent The new search field option in v1.2.3 looks good!