Modify WebDAV directory

I have a note file on WebDAV, but for some reasons, it is not convenient to change the file name. Can I customize the WebDAV path and synchronize notes without using the directory name "Joplin". That is, specify a folder on a WebDAV and synchronize it directly, not necessarily a folder called "Joplin".

I was able to specify the WebDAV path and the name of the folder in which the Joplin files are synched on myself when I created the target directory at my online storage (cloud).

Joplin created only folders with names like locks, temp, resource, sync and lock and no „Joplin“ folder.

But I‘m running a system on windows, it might be different under Ubuntu.

In any case please just do not change the WebDaAV URL to a new and empty directory. Synching with an empty target directory can delete all your files on your device while also not creating any file in the new directory.

Instead have a search here in the forum for the „simple backup“ plugin and how to use it to change the sync target.