Mobile: Quick action menu

Evernote has a quick action menu to create new notes, etc directly from the home screen:

@laurent is this something you’d accept into Joplin mobile?


Yes that sounds good. Will it work in both Android and iOS?

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I believe so, though I've still not been able to get the Android simulator running on my machine so I'll need some help testing that. Could someone help me there? Any enthusiastic Android user will do. :slight_smile:

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:raising_hand_man: Don't have a simulator but could test it on a device.

Awesome! Open source is so awesome.

Here’s the PR:


Not a developer, sorry, could you make it into a build?

It compiles, but as soon as Joplin starts in the sim, the following error occurs:

(I really have no idea why the error can’t be copied as text.)

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Ah it may be related to this step: I couldn’t find the place to put it (maybe settings.gradle?) so I just skimmed over it I think and then forgot. Could you try following the steps there on your local build?

Hmm, I thought that was done when I browsed through the PR, but I'll look into it. I'm mostly in bed with a nasty cold, so it might take a while. My concentration is lacking.

Currently I'm only good for 3 things really: drinking hot tea with honey and whiskey, sleeping, and maybe watching intellectually unchallenging TV shows... :wink:

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Ok. I’ve manually linked the packages now, but I still receive the same error.

Where’s the userInfo coming from. Did you add another package that might need linking?

P.S.: never mind, I’ve found a bug in the package, but Laurent has already mentioned that in the PR…

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