Android navigating back logic

Unsure if this is a feature request or a bug report.

Android allows following Joplin internal links. After doing so, using the back button or gesture returns to some note list, rather than to the parent note. I don't think this follows typical mobile app logic well.

Tapping the menu in the upper-left corner is always an option to return to a list quickly, but a user should expect the back gesture to allow returning to the previous location. In the case of a note that was arrived at through a link, it should return to the parent note.


Sounds like a bug to me, I remember seeing code that deals with history.

I use the Overview plugin and tap items from the results. I tap back to go back to the overview note, and it instead sends me back to the list. Then I open the Overview note and it doesn't remember my scroll location! It's fairly frustrating. The Overview plugin note is just an example; this problem applies to all notes.

Which of the above is unintended behavior? Should scroll locations also be saved in Android?

Have you followed up on this or created a bug report? I can do so of it's helpful. I just wasn't sure what the protocol is if I don't know what the intended functionality is.

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