Mobile Markdown Toolbar

This is my first time to make contribution to a open source project.
I use a lot of note apps in my andorid phone, Joplin really need a good toolbar to extend the markdown editing ability, so I start to develope the toolbar.
I never notice the rule about making a pull request , until I almost developed this toolbar.
After I search in the forum, I notice this toolbar is already mentioned here Mobile Editor

toolbar is still on progress …
I only test the toolbar in android becasue I don’t have any apple device.


That toolbar looks absolutely amazing! Hope to see it in Joplin soon :clap:

Thanks for sharing, that’s quite a big undertaking for a first task but it seems to work rather well already. Last time I tried that the TextInput selection API had bugs that prevented it to work properly but I assume they’ve improved it since then.

Do you have a branch with your changes somewhere?

I just notice that pull request need a typescript version
I write all the code in js, that's my fault :confounded:

I fork the Joplin repo, and make a new branch call markdownToolbar. branch
I overwrite the and point out some Important things.

Current version still need a lot of improvement, I will appreciate it if you give me the suggestions.

by the way,I found a solution that fix the selection bug, github issue link

I’ve looked at your branch and that looks pretty good overall. The code is quite readable and well organised. There are typos that would need to be fixed and I think some functions, in particular the render one, should be split into smaller functions, but otherwise it’s a very good start.

For your first PR, I would suggest your narrow the scope down a bit though - for example by creating a toolbar that supports only Bold, Italic, Code and Lists. That would be much easier to review and to get to a point where the feature can be merged.

Once your code is merged, you’re of course free to open more PR to add more buttons to the toolbar. But in general, for PR, the less code there is the better.

Also please check the document. If you can do the toolbar with React Hooks and indeed TypeScript that would be perfect.

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I’m sorry for how late that I reply the message.
I got tons of works to do recently so that I leave all the things at there (:з」∠).
I will continue to maintain the markdown Toolbar.


Any news on this? I think a toolbar for mobile markdown editing would be awesome! Especially for TODOs, i.e.

- [ ] some todo <ENTER>

should generate the next empty TODO element - [ ] .
I just did a quick google search and found these two repos:

  1. GitHub - vobi-io/markdown-editor: React Native markdown editor
  2. GitHub - kunall17/react-native-markdown-editor: A markdown editor like github comment editor (contains preview, helper buttons) (last commit 25 days ago)

They look really promising (to my un-educated eyes :wink:).


The common editor toolbar is very necessary for mobile devices,and suggest that the order of tool buttons can be adjusted or removed like obisidian.

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