Mobile: how to edit the beginning of a long document?

I want to edit a very long document in the android mobile app. When I click on edit I end up at the end of the document but I want to make changes at the very beginning of the document.

So how do I get to the beginning of the document without having to scroll for a very long time?

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yeah, it's not currently possible and the closest solution is to wait for plugins to be adopted on mobile. With plugins you might be able to navigate the document outline.

However, that probably gonna take a while, hence for now it's better just to split the document in more manageable parts.

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There are no direct function keys. But there is a way:

you can 'select all' and then press the 'up' key to get to the front of the document.

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On my Openboard keyboard I don't have an up key and for others it's probably rare. But there I can move the cursor left and right, which works too. Thank you very much.

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