Minor issues with templates

The introduction of templates is useful and appreciated. I did keep a notebook of templates from which I would copy in order to make a formatted note. This new feature makes that a bit more streamlined.

I have noticed however that when creating or inserting a template the drop-down list presents the template name as a serif font which clashes with the sans-serif used everywhere else (see (1) in the first screen shot). This is very minor.

Also there appears to be no apparent sort order. As (2) on both screen shots from two different desktop machines show, they are listed in no notable order and the order varies with device. I have since tried this on a further laptop and yet another different sorting order is shown. I cannot fathom what the order is and why it varies. It doesn’t seem to be created or modified date, or size. This is a bit more of an issue as it can make finding templates rather awkward if you have more than a couple.

As stated, these are quite minor points but the devs may wish to add them to their wall of post-it notes…

Joplin_a Machine A
Joplin_b Machine B

Please ignore the template names, they are basically test files as I am considering using the term “Template” for a full page note template and “Snippet” for an element to be pasted within an existing page.

I was certain that I had seen (and fixed) both of these issues before this feature was merged, but those photos are fairly damning…

I’ve got a pull request open to get these issues fixed, thanks for reporting!

That said, I was not able to reproduce the sorting issue (although I agree that it exists). Which platforms are you on? The reason I ask is because this issue might not be present on my platform (linux) and might only be reproducible on certain platforms.


Thanks for the quick reply and thanks for developing this template system. The two screenshots are from Win10 Pro x64 (1903).The third machine I mentioned is running Linux Mint 19.2 x64 Cinnamon. The Linux machine is now sorted correctly but it had been rebooted. I then had a play about and, to cut a long story short, found that using Files > Templates > Refresh Templates seems to add new templates but not sort them, however after quitting and restarting Joplin (or rebooting) the templates appear in the correct sorted order. Seems that I was a bit too keen with the posting, apologies!!

EDIT: The Linux machine does also show the template dropdown in a serif font.

You weren't too keen, there was definitely an issue with the code (it's just unfortunately weird and intermittent). It should be fixed in the next release, thanks!