Migrating to Joplin Cloud

I'm using Joplin 2.8.8, Sync Version: 3, Profile Version: 41, Keychain Supported: No, Revision: c2a6a13 with Manjaro KDE (currently Plasma 5.24.6) and Android 9 (Joplin 2.8.1, Database v41, FTS enabled: 1). After experiencing some sync troubles with Dropbox I decided to give Joplin Cloud a chance. I created an account, then made sure both devices were in sync.

Next I connected the desktop app to Joplin Cloud and finished syncing before connecting my phone. While expecting a message like "checking... Finished", instead the phone reported Deleting remote items and Creating remote items as if Joplin Cloud contained nothing.

The process ran until almost finished, when it halted with Last error: Sync target is locked - aborting API call and now I'm really not sure what is the best way to reeastablish sync. Will open a ticket at GitHub on this.

After waiting a while, both clients report successful sync and everything seems right.

I guess the error was due to some network hiccup. Since everything now works as expected and the errors I get makes sense (Cannot ackquire exclusive lock because there is an active sync lock for client 2), I find no need to create a bug report.

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