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It seems the app can't download from the joplin cloud anymore. It gets stuck at
"Created remote items: 1.

It's been this way for several days. Repeatedly force quitting the app and clearing cache does not help.
I don't manage copying the log for some reason, so it's attached as screenshot.

Thanks for any help!


Normally it shouldn't print "Cancelling" unless you press the Cancel button. What happens if you let it run for several minutes while keeping the device on?

Ok, after a really long wait, I get this:

Here is the log:
pastebin dot com slash Y3cAtAvt

The following message indicates that there's a large resource that may be blocking the sync process:

Uploading a large resource (resourceId: b2b10439501d41af9bc6122b30394a93, size:70823411 bytes) which may tie up the sync process.

We also plan to remove sync target locking relatively soon to solve these locking issues. Also is your internet connection a bit slow? If so it may help to connect from a faster one at least to upload that one resource and unblock the sync process.

The internet connection is 100 MB/s.
Obviously too much for wifi, but wifi is fast too.
So should I try to remove large notes?
Is there a way to show large notes, it seems I can't sort them by size on the app...

I have identified and deleted the relevant note.
Still it does not sync (and complains about the same note...).

Is there a way I can get my device back to sync?

From looking at the log again it seems the sync target is almost always locked for some reason. Is it possible that you have another application that is synchronising with Joplin Cloud at the same time? In this case, try to close that application completely (right-click on the tray icon and select "Close") and try again.

Thanks. I did this. The behaviour did not change much, but after 10 min I got a different error message:
Error: Cannot save attachment ".resource/b2b10439501d41af9bc6122b30394a93" because it is larger than the allowed limit (10 MB)
Ok, that's the same note as before (which indeed had an attachment > 10 MB.
But I already deleted this note, both on the app and on the ubuntu client (which I quit).
So how can I prevent it from trying to sync a note that is no longer there?
New log is here:

I reinstalled the app (losing all unsynced stuff).
This seems to have solved it.

I'm a bit surprised I could even add an attachment > 10 MB if this will cause trouble...
Anyway, thanks for this great tool!

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