Message in log file translated by mistake?

OS: Debian/Testing
Joplin: Desktop, 1.0.170 (prod, linux)
Locale: de_DE

In the file .config/joplin-desktop/log.txt all messages (but one) are in English. That’s fine.
The only exception is the message:
Synchronisation is already in progress. State: %s
which (probably by mistake) was translated into German and reads:
Synchronisation ist bereits im Gange. Status: %s.
The translated message can be found in the actual de_DE.po file and should be corrected.


Yes, it looks like a mistake.

If it is in the de_DE.po file it means that the string was used in the code.
We can’t just remove it from the language file - it could be used somewhere else in the UI (and it would show up again, after re-creating the language files).

Instead, we have to remove the translatable string call _('...') from the logger code.

This line (269) in synchronizer.js is the culprit:

let error = new Error(_('Synchronisation is already in progress. State: %s', this.state()));

@laurent shall I open a PR for this or shall I just change it push it?

Yes that sounds good, we indeed don’t display this string in the UI so it shouldn’t be translatable.

Hmm, this still doesn't answer my question. :wink: Do you want me to create a PR or push the fix directly?

Sure please go ahead and push the change directly.

@laurent done.

@miwie good catch. Thanks for reporting it.

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