Merge Tags

Is there a method of merging two tags? Either directly or maybe is there a plugin to do this?

This is a method to merge two tags which I seem to have made sound a lot more complicated and slower than it actually is :slight_smile:

Select one of the tags you wish to merge in the side bar (Tag A). This shows all notes with Tag A in the note list. Click on the one of the notes in the note list to get the focus on the note list and then press CTRL+A, this selects all the Tag A notes. You will now see an options panel where the notes previously rendered. The top option is Tags. Press this and tag all these Tag A notes with the tag you want to merge with (Tag B).

Then right click on the unwanted Tag A in the side bar and select Remove. This just removes Tag A from any notes tagged with it, it does not delete any notes. All the notes that were Tag A are now merged with the Tag B notes.


Perfect! Thank you.

Try the Tagging plugin with selecting thecorresponding notes and open the tagging dialog