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The first event will be on 30 August 2022 in London!

Hello everyone, thenk you for @laurent to start this, it's amazing what this community has achieved

I was wondering if there is any meetup already where people meet in in person to build stuff / talk about Joplin? I am personally based in London and would like to contribute to the project. I would definitely benefit from an in-person monthly coding night to share ideas/resolve issues or see what other cool stuff people are building.

Hope that triggers some thoughts,
have a nice day everyone,

That could be interesting and I’m in London too, but I don’t know if there are enough users, let alone developers, at this point that a meetup would work?

Maybe make a poll, then? I'd be interested as well.
(With me, that remains a hypothetical, though. Not sure where y'all live, but I'd bet it's not near me. :smiley: But if ayone else goes and it results in interesting forum activity, that's a plus for me as well. ;D )

I guess if we were to do this it would be in a central location so that it’s more or less accessible for everyone. Yes maybe a vote would be a good way to gauge interest for it.

The meetup group can hold meetings in different locations. e.g. people can “host” a meeting anywhere and it is posted to the meetup’s main page. e.g. zblesk might decide to host a meetup in X and people in that area can come and or join.
e.g. I’m part of a meetup group that has 3 monthly meetings in Toronto, one in Oakville, and one in Mississauga. I only attend one meeting out of the 5.

Would that work for voting? Just added all weekdays in December (but Christmas period) and January

Regarding the location, how about the Pancras Square Library in Kings Cross?
The downside is that it closes at 8PM, so we really should aim for 6pm start time I think.

Now that Covid is behind us I wonder if we could revive that idea? It could be nice to do a meet up to discuss the app and meet in person. Probably London would be easier since it's more central although we can consider other places too. Would anyone be interested?


I'm interested. London is a bit far from me, but coincidentally I should be around London at the end of August.

I'm intrested too, but it depends on where it will take place. London/England is not ideal for me, but let's see if it can be combined with something else.

Yes I think end of August could work, I should be in London too at that time.

Maybe there could be one in Germany too at some point since there are many German users.

Is there any list of amount of users by city/country, in order to know a potential other Joplin's meetup might happen if there are enough users with willing to meet together too?

Most users are in China, then US, then Germany. Happy to help organise any meetup anywhere really, although I guess I can only go to UK or Germany

I'm interested too.

I'd love to go to one in Germany. Not sure if I could go to UK but would still try.

Thanks everyone for your interest. At this point it seems we'll do that on 30th August. It would be somewhere central so that it's easier for everyone to get there.

At the moment I'm thinking the Old Thameside Inn next to London Bridge might work since it's quite big, and we can be outside if the weather's ok, but if you have any other suggestions feel free to post here.

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I've never been to Britain and thought I might make a trip out of it.
But it seems like the british airlines are buckling, cutting flights and having huge delays, which is expected to impact the entire summer. I don't relish the prospect of being stuck in some backwater non-EU country because my flight home never arrives.

Decisions, decisions... :confused:

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The Meetup event has now been created! If you are considering joining and have a Meetup account please consider RSVP so that we have a sense of who will be there!

Tuesday, August 30, 2022
Joplin note taking app first meetup!


This event is Joplin, the open source note taking application for mobile and desktop.

This is an opportunity to meet other Joplin users as well as some of the main contributors, to discuss the apps, or to ask questions and exchange tips and tricks on how to use the app, develop plugins or contribute to the application. Everybody, technical or not, is welcome.

We will meet at the Old Thameside Inn next to London Bridge. If the weather allows we will be on the terrace outside, if not inside.

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