Joplin first meetup on 30 August!

We are glad to announce the first Joplin Meetup that will take place on 30 August 2022 in London!

This is an opportunity to meet other Joplin users as well as some of the main contributors, to discuss the apps, or to ask questions and exchange tips and tricks on how to use the app, develop plugins or contribute to the application. Everybody, technical or not, is welcome!

We will meet at the Old Thameside Inn next to London Bridge. If the weather allows we will be on the terrace outside, if not inside.

More information on the official Meetup page:


This year: a casual Joplin meetup in a pub

2025: JopCon(TM)? :wink::joy:


Will there be a streaming version?

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At this point it's more like an informal meetup, an opportunity to meet both users and contributors, so we wont have a streaming version.

I really wish I could make it. Alas, crossing over the channel from Belgium just isn't in the cards for me right now. Hopefully I can make it next time.

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Well, did you meet up? How did it go? :slight_smile:

The meetup was great, thanks. About 8 people showed up including 4 of the regulars - Caleb, Daeraxa, Roman and myself. It was great meeting up people in person and a nice opportunity to chat about the project, software development and open source in general!

A few topics we discussed:

  • GSoC of course, and the various projects.

  • The interaction between the open source and commercial part of the project (Joplin Cloud). We also briefly talked about the possibly to setup a non-profit at some point, which I think would be a good idea to better manage the project.

  • Telemetry - and how nobody wants that. It would be useful but of course many users would be opposed (because to be useful it has to be enabled by default). For now we'll keep doing what we're doing and improve the app based on user feedback.

  • Medi is developing a speech-to-text API and we discussed with him how he could use this API from a plugin. Such feature could be very useful, for example when recording a vocal note from a mobile phone, you might want to have that converted to text later on (so that it can be indexes, searched, etc.)

Perhaps one thing we could have done differently is selecting specific topics or problems that the project is facing in advance, and discuss various solutions. Although we certainly did that anyway in a more informal way.