maximum data stored

what is the maximum size of data that can be accommodated by the joplin database?

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In short, it is impossible to reach a limit for one user life-span using. Right?

But if we talk about online storage limits, it is another question. So "maximum data stored" depends on your online storage more than on the Joplin database. Right?

I suspect there would be practical and usability limits long before physical storage became an issue.

I have 22TB of local storage (usable), and with S3 support backed by B2’s S3 API this would be reasonably affordable to actually use.

And I would be surprised if a sync ever finished. It would also be relatively idiotic to try.

I’d love to have an idea of the practical usage limits, are we in the hundred, thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of notes range? Or is raw size more important?

In my experience list controls often struggle long before storage systems do, which makes me suspect the number of items would be the limiting factor.


I can't answer that. There are Joplin users with 100,000 notes.

I don't even have 1,000.

It depends on your use case. Do you have many clipped web-pages? The main question is how many files your database has. I think that in my case, I am somewhere in the 100000 notes limit. So I can not exceed it for all my life.

In your case, it might be other numbers. To understand them, you should investigate how many notes and attachments you have now, what is your speed in creating new. And so on :slight_smile:

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That gives me at least some idea. Currently my Evernote is about 4GB, in a little over 6400 notes.

A good chunk of that is only there due to Evernote's ability to search within attachments, and still exists on my filesystem too, so I put a bit of effort into cleaning up and dump these completely for the moment if I decide to switch from Evernote.

On the other hand, I have some ~50,000 plain text documents that could do with a better home, they need to be searchable, and it looks like I am creating about 1,000/month. Creation would be automated via the command line, probably in weekly batches, they look to be anywhere from 1KB to 2MB, most in the 20KB range. Right now they just sit in a filesystem and are searchable, but slowly.

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It does not matter, go to your Joplin folder and see how many attachments do you have. For example, it might already be over 150000 files, so OneDrive syncing would not be your variant.

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I don't have any meaningful amount of data in Joplin yet due to some Evernote import issues that I'm working through.

I experienced Evernote importing issues, and discovered there are some bugs in the current Joplin release that prevent the import from completing. I was looking at raw Enex files, trying to figure out import order, and manually excluding notes from import. Not efficient, but the best I could do at the time....

I updated to the pre-release version of Joplin, which fixed those issues without my having to go through the above shenanigans. Just FYI, in case it helps you out.

That said, I have one note that didn't import from Evernote (out of 10,000+), and I couldn't easily figure out which one that was. I might try to enable debugging and try again sometime, but I shudder to think about what that will imply for sync/decryption if I don't find away to pause syncing during my test.

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