Masterkey in synchronize status is "0/1"

version : windows joplin 2.9.17
sync drive : onedrive

Below is a list of synchronizations.

Note: 764/764
Folder: 51/51
Resource: 2219/2219
Tag: 125/125
NoteTag: 817/817
MasterKey: 0/1
Revision: 23/23
Total: 3999/4000

The master key does not change from 0/1 to 1/1.
I'm actually using encryption through masterkey, and I can see the note well.
I just want to change masterkey 0/1 to 1/1.

@criff-park welcome to the forum

I do not know the reason why, but for me the sync status for the MasterKey has always been 0/1 on both desktop and mobile and it has always worked for all clients.

I can only guess that the MasterKey is treated differently to all other records. Regardless, you do not need to worry about this.

Just seen that you have also raised a GitHub Issue and that @laurent has marked it as "High" and for "Desktop", however, as stated above, it also applies to mobile.

From the GitHub Issue:

It's not a bug, just a display issue. Master keys are not longer synced like regular items so that line should simply be removed from there

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