Markdown links no longer working on Android

All links in notes to other notes no longer do anything. Instead of having the icon in front of them that they used to have they now have what looks like a download icon, but touching that or the text does nothing. These links worked perfectly in the previous versions.

Attachment download behaviour is set to Always. If I change to Manual, the link reacts to touching but still nothing happens.

Is this a bug, or is there something else I need to set to get links to work on Android?

which version do you use ?
it seems the playstore provides the version that is not fixed for the behavior I reported earlier and which is now fixed with last version available for desktop version (1.0.158)
I hope the next fixed version will be available soon on playstore

Sorry, I didn’t notice your other post. I’m using Android version 1.0.255 (desktop version works OK). I’ve downloaded and installed the APK from here but it still exhibits the same behaviour. I’ll wait for the next Android version.

Just want to throw in my 2c and say I’m also waiting for this to be fixed on Android.

Not to sound ungrateful – I love joplin! Thanks for all of your hard work, @laurent!