Malformed MATCH expression

Joplin 2.2.1 (prod, win32)

Client ID: e0e198d14ded4d22b53bdf20d78bf254
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 39
Keychain Supported: No

Revision: 4e0ff1f

portable version running on windows10 pc

just started getting an error 'some items cannot be syncronized'

  • SubNotebooks.png (38f1a60029a2407f933f7243a1a4eadb) could not be uploaded: File not found: C:/apps/Joplin/JoplinProfile/resources/38f1a60029a2407f933f7243a1a4eadb.pngRetry

when i look at the log file i see this:
2021-07-11 08:41:21: "Cannot execute MATCH query: 38f1a60029a2407f933f7243a1a4eadb": Error: SQLITE_ERROR: malformed MATCH expression: ["38f1a60029a2407f933f7243a1a4eadb""]:
offsets(notes_fts) AS offsets, matchinfo(notes_fts, 'pcnalx') AS matchinfo,
FROM notes_fts
WHERE 1 AND notes_fts MATCH ?: "38f1a60029a2407f933f7243a1a4eadb"""

looking at the SQlite database, i see this:

this is the line from my sync report:

i am currently syncing to a self-hosted nextcloud instance. i've checked both devices and this resource file is nowhere and af far as I can tell, it is not referenced in any of my notes either. any ideas on how to fix this?

The malformed match error is probably unrelated, this is what happens if you search for something like 38f1a60029a2407f933f7243a1a4eadb" (note the quote symbol at the end)

It is still a bug, but I can't see how it could have broken synchronization.

thanks for taking a look. but since none of my notes seem to be referencing this resource (i've tried 'goto anything' and also exporting everything the markdown and doing a full-text search), i thoght it was a bit odd.
i just went into the note attachment viewer window and deleted them. all good now.

From the name of the resource is looks like an image that is included in the welcome notes.

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