WebDAV sync fails, Error 401

Hi guys,

Just to get this out of the way, I want to state my used OS's and version of Joplin that I'm using:

  • OS: Windows & Android
  • Joplin Version Android: 1.7.5
  • Joplin Version Windows: 1.7.11

I'm trying to sync using and on both Windows and Android I'm getting the same error. Below are some pictures are of what I'm seeing on my end on both my desktop and phone:

Unrelated, but I also can't establish a connection to a network drive on Windows to my account either.

I've also opened up a support ticket with Mailbox regarding the issue because I believe there might be something they may need to do on their end to resolve this.

I've also spend hours trying to look up previous posts and articles regarding WebDAV support for Mailbox and everything posted about them was from years ago and I haven't seen any followups on it. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Does WebDAV not work with Mailbox?

Yoour WebDAV URL looks strange: .... , ..... Hmm, usually there are not spaces nor commas in a WebDAV URL.

First you have to create a Joplin directory. No idea, but I guess you can use a web interface to create it.

Then use the following settings in Joplin:

username: Your email address (main address, no alias)
password: your pwd

@tessus Thank you for your prompt reply! I created a Joplin directory at the root of my online storage and tried the settings you suggested. Unfortunately, I still got the same error as pictured in my OP. I tried using my main address with and without "" and that did not seem to make a difference. What's also strange is that even if my password is entered correctly or incorrectly I still get the same error.

Still no word back from my Mailbox support ticket yet, but once I do hear back I'll make an update here in case it proves to be valuable.

It's abiy hard to troubleshoot without an account. Hmm, maybe we can still figure it out.

What happens if you go to the follwing address with your browser:

How does the directory listing look like? (After you hve entered the correct credentials?)

@tessus It takes me to a blank page and asks me for a username and password. When I enter my credentials (I had to add at the end) it automatically downloads a file called "download". There's no file extension, it's just a blank file called "download" that's 0kb in size and I can't open it with any of my programs. If I try a text editor it's just a blank file.

If I put the URL you mentioned ( into Joplin and enter the same credentials, it says the configuration is correct. Only thing is, when I try synchronizing it throws an error saying "Last error: Error: MKCOL locks/: Unknown error 2 (403):" I'm not quite sure what this means but this might be barking up the right tree.

Update: I figured it out! The solution is similar to the URL you posted and what's available as the documentation for Windows:

Using the URL you posted I was actually able to map it to my Windows PC as a network drive using my full Mailbox email address and password. It took me to the very root of my online storage. I found there were directories like Userstore, then my First&Last name, then the default directories I see on my online storage. So the URL was right, but it's missing the rest of the path which is why it couldn't properly sync earlier.

So the syntax that worked was a mix of the URL that you posted ( and with one of the alternate URLs for Windows. Joplin doesn't recognize regular spaces, so I had to substitute it for "%20". The URL that worked for me looked something like this:


Once I entered that URL plus my Mailbox credentials, it started syncing and made the default directories it needs in my online storage. I'll go ahead and cancel that ticket with Mailbox since this appears to be the solution that worked for me.

Thank you SO much for being an extra set of eyes on this!!!

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