[macOS] remote resource files not deleted?

So I have an opposite issue to similar ones listed here. I suspect resource files are NOT deleted when a note is gone. Example:

  • I'm taking a simplified clip of this forum --> sync --> 40 new items synced with a remote location
  • total resources: 200
  • The clip is deleted --> sync --> 1 item is deleted from the location
  • total resources: 200

Looks like I'll be running out of space soon :wink:

Unused resources are not deleted automatically when you delete the note, but Joplin checks in the background for ununsed resources at regular timed intervals.


yes, as said @eagle, there are deleted a few days later.

Thanks, will keep an eye on it.

I have the same problem and opened a gh issue. This is definitely a bug (you only have to check the exported table):

These resources are more than a month old, yet they are still there, even though they are not associated with anything. I guess @laurent hasn’t had a time to go through all the github issues. Thus I suggest patience. I’m in the same boat.