Mac OS 10.14

I've been using Joplin on many different devices for years now. Recently most of my devices updated to version 3. Then I tried to update my main work computer, the one I really need it for, and it won't update because it's MacOS 10.14.

I don't even know how to roll back my other devices, and I guess it's not worth going on anyway.

Same problem. I'm running OS 10.13.6. No sync. Can't update joplin due to OS. Point is, this box is adequate for my needs....I am forced into obsolescence.

Welcome to the community bongo_x. I thank we need to look for a reason other than “because it's MacOS 10.14”. I am running and syncing v3 happily on Sonoma 14.5 with iOS 17.5 devices. Nothing unusual happened during upgrade.