Mac desktop problem

I have a problem with Joplin-2.9.17 on a desktop Mac running Ventura 13.1. When I open Joplin the screen remains white and I cannot quit the program – have to use force quit. I have reinstalled Joplin several times but same issue each time.
I have been using Joplin for over a year on this machine without problem and also on my Mac laptop (also 13.1) and Android phone without problem. Could there be something conflicting on this particular Mac?

Do a sample in Activity Viewer, copy the result into a file and post the file here.

Thank you. I’m not sure what that is – the Mac has an Activity Monitor is that it? Or is Activity Viewer an app?


I made a blog post for my own app for Activity Viewer: How to check with Activity Viewer what any application is doing .

OK yes Activity Monitor – thank you the blog is helpful.

See attached files.


Sample of Joplin.txt (138 KB)

Sample of Joplin Helper.txt (120 KB)

Miraculously the Joplin app has just opened properly. Maybe it was just needing a long time to open? Like 10 minutes?


I have a similar issue on Linux:

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