Lost notes - Sync back is not working

Hello !
I'm having troubles with Joplin, suddenly I lost all messages and I am not finding a way to recover from sync location. Below I'm listing all information and procedure I tried:

Version: Joplin 2.8.8 (prod, darwin)
Client ID: 2273dcf0ddaf4efeae6039c1007098bc
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 41
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: c2a6a13
Operational system: macOS Monterey, version 12.6.1
Synchronization target: Filesystem
(Filesystem is a Dropbox shared folder)

After having lost all my notes, I tried to recover by re-downloading from synced data, by doing the following procedure:

Opened Joplin, selected preferences, then Synchronization, "show advanced settings", "delete local data and re-download from sync target".

Then, I can see it analyzing the notes, but none is loaded to local joplin-desktop application.

I'm attaching a "syncReport" and a logfile.

Thanks in advance!


log.txt (150.6 KB)

And here a SyncReport:
syncReport-1672095312506.csv (11.3 KB)

I've encountered this problem as well. I've tried re-importing markdown files from my sync target, but they contain note metadata from the looks of it and not the actual note content.

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