Looking for a speaker for a Zoom meeting

I couldn't find an official method to put this question in, so I'll ask here.

I run a LUG and am looking for speakers for upcoming meetings. Having used Joplin a little I think it would make an interesting talk for my group. I'm thinking of an introductory talk on what it is, how to use it, etc.

Is there an official or unofficial person or group that does public speaking on behalf of the Joplin project?

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I am not familiar with what a LUG is, so I am not sure how this group would want to use Joplin / how technical / what platform, but I would be interested in learning more I am a Mac / iPhone user, so that is what I know most about.

NOTE: I am not associated with Joplin in any official manner, I am just a happy user. I have been thinking about writing up some intro content, so this could put some pressure on me. :slight_smile:

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Though not OP, LUG is usually Linux Users' Group.

As a Linux user myself, I'm certainly a fan of the fact that it has a lot of cool Linux features, like both desktop and terminal applications. It's dope. I use it on both mobile and desktop in a variety of environments.

As mentioned, LUG stands for Linux User Group.

What I would be looking for in a presentation is the following, in no particular order:

  • How to use Joplin core features
  • Some of the popular integrations that exist
  • Tying into other systems such as calendars, mail, or other services if applicable
  • Syncing between devices using Nextcloud, Joplin Server, or other services

And answering questions that come up about the product in general. I would expect more questions about using Joplin day to day vs code contribution type questions. Most of our speakers target 30-45 minutes for their presentations and include a demonstration of the software they're talking about.

I would feel comfortable showing off the use of the app/core functionality, plugins, css, and the basics of the API, but would be on a Mac.

I have only used webdav to sync, so don't have any experience setting up others. I also have not used the CLI version of the app.

Let me know if that would be useful, but no worries if you would prefer someone with more Linux experience!