Long notes are not visible in Android edit mode - not solved

As described here:
I can confirm the exactly behaviour: “long notes are note visible in edit mode” - but only on phone Samsung S7 (Version 1.0.327). On Tablet 1.0.327 and Windows 1.0.200 it works well.
Seems it is not fixed for all devices, so think it’s not solved. Therefore i made a new post. Can anyone help or confirm it too ?


I can confirm the behaviour you’re seeing as it affects my LG Nexus 5x phone (Android 8.1.0 Oreo)(v1.0.327). If I create a very basic note, the numbers 1…29 on individual lines, it shows in the editor as expected, but as soon as a do a carriage return (onto line 30), the content disappears. If I hit backspace / delete, the content reappears. Whilst the content is hidden (anything over 29 lines long) it can still be selected and copied to another app or overwritten by pasting something over the top. Even though the content is hidden in the editor it renders correctly in normal view mode, only editing mode is affected.

I also have a Lenovo tablet running v1.0.327 on a different version of Android (5.1.1 Lollipop) and it is fine, all working ok. Windows running v1.0.200 is also fine.


I made the original post and It was fixed before. After reading your post I checked it with version 1.0.327 and the bug is back!

So I can confirm this behaviour on Android 8.1.0.

This topic is a duplicate of Long notes are not visible in Android edit mode.

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